About Us

Caaliyah Greer, known as “Hazel Goddesss” is a beauty/natural hair blogger, content creator, and mother from Seattle, WA. 6 years ago she big chopped her hair, after years of using perms, relaxers, and texturizers. The decision to document her hair journey blossomed into much more than she would expect, and now she is looked to for advice on the best hair products, hair tools, hairstyles, and hair growth tips! 


Caaliyah had been dealing with a bad case of dry scalp and dandruff. None of the oils she was using on her hair were helping to combat the dryness and flakes she had been dealing with for months. So, she took it upon herself to mix up some of her favorite natural oils and create her own hair oil, that came to become the Divine Hair Elixir. Goddesss Curls haircare is handmade with love for all of my straight, wavy, curly, and coily goddesss's out there.