Stop Skipping Leave-In Conditioners - Here's Why!

For years, I thought that using leave-in conditioners was an unnecessary step in my hair regimen. It seemed to just add more time to my styling process, that I did not look forward to, so I opted not to use them. It wasn't until I started creating Goddesss Curls, testing out different products and formulations, that I noticed very quickly how much of a boost in moisture I get when I use a leave-in conditioner, in conjunction with a cream. If you haven't tried our Ravishing Leave-In Detangler (or conditioner), read below to see the benefits your hair may be missing out on.


1. Unlike rinse-out conditioners, leave-in conditioners get to remain on your strands, allowing your hair to enjoy the benefits of its moisture for longer, helping to soften the hair.

2. Leave-in conditioners are like a primer for your hair. They serve as a base giving body, bounce, and softness before you apply your styling products, such as a heavier cream or foam.

3. Have frizzy hair, no problem. Leave-ins coat each strand helping to tame those fly away and frizz.

4. They make wonderful detanglers as they tend to have tons of slip, a curly girls best friend.

5. If you have damaged hair, a leave-in is a must as they help to repair damage & prevent your hair from future damage.


Leave-in conditioners are best used on freshly washed hair (typically on damp or wet hair) but also are great for using in between wash day to refresh/rehydrate the hair as they're lightweight and won't cause excess build-up or residue.


Leave-in conditioners are a MUST HAVE for natural curly hair to thrive and be at its best. Adding in this one product can quickly change the health and softness of your hair for the better! Click here to watch our Ravishing Leave-In in use.

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